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Project Management

R&D Department
1. Project review
2. Customer need analysis
3. Making the product parameter sheets, costs, and delivery plan
4. Determining the production schedule

1. Quality inspection in the production process
2. Providing the inspection results on each step of production
3. Pressure test for every valve product

Customer Service
1. Technical support is provided with full effort even the order has been finished
2. Valve maintenance and repair for users
3. Logistics report
4. Emergency team serves to solve your problems efficiently anywhere in 24/7 mode

Quality Management

The manufacturing and inspection activities involved in achieving certification demonstrate that quality and commitment to our customers is KIST's top priority. We will utilize this quality management system to strive for continual improvement in all areas of our organization.

Quality Assurance (QA)
KIST's in-house quality team ensures that all valves meet or exceed customer specifications, requirements and standards during manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and shipping.
1. Each valve goes through six inspection points before the delivery.
2. We have experienced inspectors with at least one on call 24 hours a day to assist our customers.
3. To ensure that the customer and industry requirements are completely met, every stainless, chrome and alloy valve will pass through a strict quality inspection system before it is delivered.

Field Service

KIST will have expert field service technicians dispatched to install, diagnose and repair users' valve after clients have received the product.

For valve installation and commissioning, our technicians or engineers will be sent to serve users with assistance and technical training, ensuring that the valve device runs smoothly and normally. If there are any deviation or quality defects, we will be obliged to solve the problem for users.

During or out of the warranty period, technicians are available upon request for technical assistance. KIST offer users free lifetime maintenance service, only charging the accessories we provide.

Customer Service

KIST is committed to offering users comprehensive fluid and gas control solutions and top-class service. All of the materials involving technical parameters, drawings, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and operation manual are provided along with the products.

In KIST, any customer complaints will be responded within 2 hours. The response time for quality issue may differ considering different clients' location. KIST has established service agencies in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North America to offer clients the most effective solutions.