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R&D Capacity

Since our establishment in 1993, KIST has been dedicated in the production and development of pipeline valve.

We possess a product development center and a CAD design center, which is supported by dozens of experienced engineers to develop high-performance valve products with diversified specifications.

Our design team works to provide users with practical and efficient technical solutions basing on the different individual needs of clients. We have got over 10 patents for our valve products till now.

To make sure a 100% quality guarantee, KIST has additionally created a laboratory, in which there is a full range of inspection equipment for testing the hardness, metallography, among other properties of our raw materials. Our valve has been certified by API-6D ANSI, HG, NB, JB, JIS, DIN, NF, and BS.

  • Laboratory
  • Laboratory
  • Optical emission spectrometer
  • Mechanical test

Mechanical test involves a process of detecting the max force needed to produce a deformation of the valve, and determining the max pressure the valve is able to bear.