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    1. Water Seal Gate Valve Water seal gate valve is applicable in controlling and regulating water, steam, or non-corrosive gas pipelines whose working temperature is lower than 400℃ or 550℃, and nominal pressure is no more than 4.0MPa. It is especially suitable for the vacuum condensing system of thermal power station.
    1. Slagging Gate Valve Slagging gate valve provided in KIST is mainly applied in the high-temperature water, steam, and oil pipeline of power plants. It is manufactured in compliance with 2 different standards, respectively ANSI B16.34/JIS E101 and JB3595.
    1. Bellows Seal Gate Valve Bellows seal gate valve is suited to be applied in industrial fields to control water, oil or steam pipeline, with a nominal pressure of PN1.6~4.0MPa and a temperature of -29~350℃.
    1. Resilient Seated Gate Valve To avoid the problems like bad sealing, leakage, or rusting that commonly seen in gate valves, KIST has specially introduced the advanced manufacturing technology from Europe, and adopted integral rubber packing technique for fabricating resilient seated gate valve.
    1. Power Station Gate Valve Power station gate valve provided in KIST is available in 2 types: ANSI B16.34, JIS E101 and GB standard. It is generally accepted in the water pipeline, steam pipeline, and oil pipeline of thermal power plant, oil plant, chemical plant and other high-temperature high-pressure applications.
    1. Vacuum Angle Valve Vacuum angle valve is suitable to work in temperature between 400℃ and 550℃. It is used with water, neutral liquid, steam, and air. Especially, vacuum valve is applicable in providing isolation for the turbine condensation system and negative pressure system of power plant, chemical factory, and paper mill, etc.
    1. Flanged Gate Valve Flanged gate valve is used with water, steam, oil, and other medium. It is manufactured basing on the connection standards of JB/T 79-94. The valve is manually operated, featuring stable performance and high safety. The nominal pressure of our flanged valve ranges from 1.6MPa to 2.5MPa.
    1. Bellows Seal Globe Valve Bellows seal globe valve is suitable for isolation and flow control duty in industrial, chemical, medical, and power applications. The nominal pressure ranges within PN1.6~4.0MPa, and the allowable working temperature is -29~350℃.
    1. Soft Seal Globe Valve Soft seal globe valve is used as a regulator for medium including water, steam, oil, and non-corrosive gas. It is applied in environment between 400℃ and 550℃, with the nominal pressure to be smaller than 4.0MPa.
    1. Power Station Globe Valve Power station globe valve is applied in regulating flow in a pipeline, with the medium to be water, oil, high-temperature steam, and other non-corrosive gas. It is widely seen in power plant, chemical plant, oil plant, etc.
    1. Flanged Globe Valve Flanged globe valve is mainly designed for regulating water, steam, and oil for industrial applications. It is manually or electrically operated.
    1. Y-Pattern Globe Valve Y-pattern globe valve is designed for shutting off or regulating pipelines in chemical factory, power plant, and fertilizer plant, etc. It is suited for nominal pressure of 1.6~4.0MPa and working temperature of -29~350℃.
    1. Disc Type Check Valve The ZHYH46 and ZHYH46EJ series disc type check valve manufactured by KIST is applicable in the water supply pipelines of water, sewage, and seawater to prevent backflow and water hammer effect.
    1. Exhaust Check Valve Exhaust check valve allows air or other gas to flow only in one direction, and helps to eliminate backflow. It is applied in the water supply preheating system of power station or other industrial pipeline systems.
    1. Ball Check Valve Ball check valve is applied in gas supply, plumbing, water distribution, sewage treatment, power stations, and especially in submersible sewage pump. The allowable working temperature of the valve is 0~80℃.
    1. Rubber Flapper Check Valve Rubber flapper check valve is designed to offer a strong and quick seal for water supply and drainage system to prevent backflow and water hammer effects. For water tank or swimming pool, the swing check valve can be mounted at the bypass pipes to prevent the water from flowing back to the supply system.
    1. Micro Ball Check Valve Micro ball check valve is mainly applicable in plumbing, water supply, sewage treatment, gas supply, and power station to prevent backflow effects. It adopts a rubber-covered ball as the disc, which will rolls up and down inner the valve driven by the medium.
    1. V-Port Ball Valve V-port ball valve generally has a V shaped ball or seat, which allows the orifice to be opened and closed in a more controlled manner, and thereby adjusting the flow velocity as required. It commits no block or separation between the seat and the ball.
    1. Floating Ball Valve Floating ball valve is used in pipelines to cut and distribute flows. The most distinguished feature of the valve is that it has no support for the ball, which appears a floating state between the 2 seats.
    1. Pigging Valve The pigging valve produced in KIST shows powerful capacity in cleaning pipe, isolating and transferring medium, and detecting pipeline system. It works to receive and launch pigs in water, oil, and natural gas pipelines.
    1. Fixed Ball Valve Fixed ball valve is designed for various industrial fields like construction, chemical processing, oil and natural gas delivery, etc. It is equipped with fire protection structure, anti-static device, locking device, stem fixing structure, and high-performance sealing material.
    1. Flanged Butterfly Valve Flanged butterfly valve is used in gas, and water supply and drainage pipeline to control flow in food processing, medical factory, chemical plant, power station, construction, and paper making fields, etc.
    1. Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Double eccentric butterfly valve is applicable in the water supply system, water drainage system, and gas pipeline of various applications, like chemical factory, food processing plant, power plant, paper making, etc.
    1. Metal Resilient Butterfly Valve Metal resilient butterfly valve is a newly developed energy-saving valve product in KIST. It is used with water, steam, oil, air, and gas to adjust and control flow in food processing plant, medical plant, power station, sewage treatment factory, etc.
    1. Ventilation Butterfly Valve Ventilation butterfly valve is used for controlling and adjusting gas flow in pipelines for industrial, metallurgy, power station, or other applications. The applicable temperature varies according to the valve materials and users' actual needs.
    1. Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve Rubber lined butterfly valve is applicable in the water supply system, water drainage system, and gas pipeline of various fields, like power plant, paper making, chemical factory, food processing plant, etc.
    1. Sleeved Plug Valve Sleeved plug valve is applicable in pipelines whose working temperature is within 29~180℃ and nominal pressure ranges from PN1.6 to 16MPa. Typical applications are found in oil and gas delivery, chemical processing, fertilizer factory, and power plant, etc.