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KIST designs and manufactures valves specifically for the unique demands of power generation applications.

The standard operating conditions of power generation of high temperature, high pressure and high cycling can severely influence the service life of a valve. So, special measures should be taken in the design and operation of a valve used for power industry. KIST, a leading global manufacturer of severe service valves, has a proven performance record of providing field tested, zero leakage solutions.

Oil & Gas

In the Oil & Gas industry, performance of valve can be compromised by the combinations of some harsh conditions like high temperature, high pressure, high solids or high cycles. The design of KIST valve is different from that found in other types of ball valves and is a complete separation from the traditional gate and plug valves. We use an integral seat instead of loosen type.

The integral design of valve seat provides a stable platform onto which the ball is constantly loaded with very high force, making it impossible to trap solids between the ball and seat. The seats will be protected from the flow when the ball is open. Besides, the integral design helps to eliminate the potential for leakage between a loose seat and the valve body.


The application of valve in chemical engineering industry is quite wide. In this field, the working condition of high temperature and high pressure puts forward high requirements on the performance of valve products. KIST has rich experience in this field: we have cooperated with many chemical enterprises in China, and have ever accomplished dozens of valve projects. Choose KIST to be your business partner.


Mining is a field where critical valve failures can create expensive shut-downs.

At KIST, we know exactly the importance of zero leakage in mining industry. Inside a slurry line, valve leakage will soon lead to dewatering of the slurry and expensive retrofit work. Understanding the design and potential problems in the client's process is the way we understand their unique needs, and we plan and respond. The expertise of KIST in solving valve problems is directly related the satisfaction of our customers. We care about being in-country to assist, rather than saying "ship the valve back to Shanghai".

Pulp & Paper

KIST provides a four- year zero leakage guarantee on vent and drain valves for the power and recovery boilers. Our electronic relief valve is designed to provide overpressure protection for steam systems. The adoption of high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) has significantly increased valve reliability in the pulping and liquor recovery industry.


Our experience in petrochemical industry extends from numerous different kinds of valves in many different designs. The advantages of our isolation valves rely on the fact that the ball is ‘fixed' in place with high load pressure, allowing the valve to operate in the presence of polymer and shear solid plugs of material. With the zero-leakage carbide seat surface being part of the valve body, solids cannot interfere with operation and sealing.