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Flanged Butterfly Valve

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve, Flow Control Valve, Shut Off Valve, Butterfly Valve for Isolation, Butterfly Valve for Water Line

 Flanged Butterfly Valve

Flanged butterfly valve is used in gas, and water supply and drainage pipeline to control flow in food processing, medical factory, chemical plant, power station, construction, and paper making fields, etc. The sealing pressure is 1.0MPa for DN50-DN800 series control valve, and 0.6MPa for DN900-DN1200 series. Dimension for valve connection is designed according to the standards of 1.0MPa. For any special requirements please let us know.

Main Features
1. Our flanged butterfly valve is of unique design, reasonable structure, light weight, and quick closing and opening.
2. With small operating torque, the valve is rather easy operated.
3. The butterfly valve can be mounted at any places in a pipeline. Maintenance operation is easy.
4. The sealing device is replaceable. The 2-way sealing mechanism allows for zero leakage.
5. We have specially adopted sealing materials with high corrosion-resistance and long service life.

Material (Customizable)
Body: alloy steel, ductile iron, cast iron, stainless steel
Disc: stainless steel, cast steel, special material, ductile iron, grey cast iron
Seal ring: PTFE, rubber
Stem: stainless steel, 2Cr13
Filler: flexible graphite

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