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Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valve, Fixed Ball Valve, Pigging Valve, Natural Gas Ball Valve, Ball Valve for Gas Line, Ball Valve for Natural Gas

    1. V-Port Ball ValveV-port ball valve generally has a V shaped ball or seat, which allows the orifice to be opened and closed in a more controlled manner, and thereby adjusting the flow velocity as required. It commits no block or separation between the seat and the ball.
    1. Floating Ball ValveFloating ball valve is used in pipelines to cut and distribute flows. The most distinguished feature of the valve is that it has no support for the ball, which appears a floating state between the 2 seats.
    1. Pigging ValveThe pigging valve produced in KIST shows powerful capacity in cleaning pipe, isolating and transferring medium, and detecting pipeline system. It works to receive and launch pigs in water, oil, and natural gas pipelines.
    1. Fixed Ball ValveFixed ball valve is designed for various industrial fields like construction, chemical processing, oil and natural gas delivery, etc. It is equipped with fire protection structure, anti-static device, locking device, stem fixing structure, and high-performance sealing material.