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Fixed Ball Valve

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 Fixed Ball Valve

Fixed ball valve is designed for various industrial fields like construction, chemical processing, oil and natural gas delivery, etc. It is equipped with fire protection structure, anti-static device, locking device, stem fixing structure, and high-performance sealing material. The rated temperature and pressure of the ball valve is in line with the ANSIB16.34 standards, and the flange connection dimension is designed according to ANSIB16.5 standards.

Materials (Customizable)
Body: A182 316, A350 LF2, A105
Bonnet: A350 LF2, A182 316, A105
Injection valve: A276-316, 1045
O-shaped seal ring: fluorine rubber
Support ring for seat: A350 LF2+electroless nickel plating, A182-F316, A105
Seal ring: PPL
Spring: INCONEL X 750
Ball: electroless nickel plating+A350 LF2, A182-F316, A105+ electroless nickel plating
Sliding bearings: 304+PTFE, 316+PTFE
Spring: A276-316
Stem: A182 F6a, A182-F316
Gasket: PTFE+304, PTFE+316
Filler: graphite
Screw: A193 7M, A193-B7M, A193-B8, A193-B7
Drain valve: 1045, A182-F316
Liner: electroless nickel plating+A350 LF2, A182-F316, A105
Lining pin: A182-F316, 1045, A350 LF2+electroless nickel plating
Upper sleeve: A350 LF2+electroless nickel plating, A105, A182-F316
Locating pin: A276-316, 1045
Coupling plate: A182-F316, A105, A350 LF2
Seat: A276-316, 1025

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