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Check Valve

Sewage Pump Check Valve, Water Shut Off Valve, Gas Shut Off Valve, Backflow Preventer, Water Check Valve, Check Valve for Plumbing

    1. Disc Type Check ValveThe ZHYH46 and ZHYH46EJ series disc type check valve manufactured by KIST is applicable in the water supply pipelines of water, sewage, and seawater to prevent backflow and water hammer effect.
    1. Exhaust Check ValveExhaust check valve allows air or other gas to flow only in one direction, and helps to eliminate backflow. It is applied in the water supply preheating system of power station or other industrial pipeline systems.
    1. Ball Check ValveBall check valve is applied in gas supply, plumbing, water distribution, sewage treatment, power stations, and especially in submersible sewage pump. The allowable working temperature of the valve is 0~80℃.
    1. Rubber Flapper Check ValveRubber flapper check valve is designed to offer a strong and quick seal for water supply and drainage system to prevent backflow and water hammer effects. For water tank or swimming pool, the swing check valve can be mounted at the bypass pipes to prevent the water from flowing back to the supply system.
    1. Micro Ball Check ValveMicro ball check valve is mainly applicable in plumbing, water supply, sewage treatment, gas supply, and power station to prevent backflow effects. It adopts a rubber-covered ball as the disc, which will rolls up and down inner the valve driven by the medium.