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Exhaust Check Valve

Check Valve, Shut Off Valve, Fluid Control Valve, One-Way Valve, Check Valve for Air Compressor, Check Valve for Pump

 Exhaust Check Valve

Exhaust check valve allows air or other gas to flow only in one direction, and helps to eliminate backflow. It is applied in the water supply preheating system of power station or other industrial pipeline systems. Under a gas pressure of 0.5~0.7MPa or with the effect of return spring, the check valve is able to shut off the water supply in 0.5s, effectively preventing the backflow phenomenon which may damage the turbine or other devices.

Materials for Option (Customizable)
Valve body: WC6
Bonnet: WC6
Disc: WC6
Stem: WC6
Shaft: 20Cr1Mo1V1A
Middle flange bolt: 20Cr1Mo1V1A
Middle flange nut: 45

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