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Disc Type Check Valve

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 Disc Type Check Valve

The ZHYH46 and ZHYH46EJ series disc type check valve manufactured by KIST is applicable in the water supply pipelines of water, sewage, and seawater to prevent backflow and water hammer effect. If you want a valve for special purpose, please contact us to let us know your specific requirements, and we will customize one for you.

Main Features
1. This kind of check valve is distinguished for unique structure, small volume, good sealing result, high abrasion resistance, and long service life. It is able to lower the leakage rate to the min in a pipeline.
2. The wafer check valve starts and stops smoothly. With small flow resistance, the working process is not influenced by the medium. Additionally, our check valve is energy-saving.

Materials for Option
Valve body: stainless steel, WCB
Seat: stainless steel
Disc: stainless steel, WCB
Stem: stainless steel
Piston: stainless steel
Cylinder liner: stainless steel
Spring: stainless steel

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