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Globe Valve

Flow Regulating Valve, Globe Valve for Steam, Globe Valve for Flow Control, Globe Valve for Throttling, Globe Valve for Isolation

    1. Bellows Seal Globe ValveBellows seal globe valve is suitable for isolation and flow control duty in industrial, chemical, medical, and power applications. The nominal pressure ranges within PN1.6~4.0MPa, and the allowable working temperature is -29~350℃.
    1. Soft Seal Globe ValveSoft seal globe valve is used as a regulator for medium including water, steam, oil, and non-corrosive gas. It is applied in environment between 400℃ and 550℃, with the nominal pressure to be smaller than 4.0MPa.
    1. Power Station Globe ValvePower station globe valve is applied in regulating flow in a pipeline, with the medium to be water, oil, high-temperature steam, and other non-corrosive gas. It is widely seen in power plant, chemical plant, oil plant, etc.
    1. Flanged Globe ValveFlanged globe valve is mainly designed for regulating water, steam, and oil for industrial applications. It is manually or electrically operated.
    1. Y-Pattern Globe ValveY-pattern globe valve is designed for shutting off or regulating pipelines in chemical factory, power plant, and fertilizer plant, etc. It is suited for nominal pressure of 1.6~4.0MPa and working temperature of -29~350℃.