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Gate Valve

Sluice Valve, Shut Off Valve, Flow Control Valve, Relief Valve, Pipe Valve, Oil Control Valve, Gas Control Valve, Resilient Seated Gate Valve

    1. Water Seal Gate ValveWater seal gate valve is applicable in controlling and regulating water, steam, or non-corrosive gas pipelines whose working temperature is lower than 400℃ or 550℃, and nominal pressure is no more than 4.0MPa. It is especially suitable for the vacuum condensing system of thermal power station.
    1. Slagging Gate ValveSlagging gate valve provided in KIST is mainly applied in the high-temperature water, steam, and oil pipeline of power plants. It is manufactured in compliance with 2 different standards, respectively ANSI B16.34/JIS E101 and JB3595.
    1. Bellows Seal Gate ValveBellows seal gate valve is suited to be applied in industrial fields to control water, oil or steam pipeline, with a nominal pressure of PN1.6~4.0MPa and a temperature of -29~350℃.
    1. Resilient Seated Gate ValveTo avoid the problems like bad sealing, leakage, or rusting that commonly seen in gate valves, KIST has specially introduced the advanced manufacturing technology from Europe, and adopted integral rubber packing technique for fabricating resilient seated gate valve.
    1. Power Station Gate ValvePower station gate valve provided in KIST is available in 2 types: ANSI B16.34, JIS E101 and GB standard. It is generally accepted in the water pipeline, steam pipeline, and oil pipeline of thermal power plant, oil plant, chemical plant and other high-temperature high-pressure applications.
    1. Vacuum Angle ValveVacuum angle valve is suitable to work in temperature between 400℃ and 550℃. It is used with water, neutral liquid, steam, and air. Especially, vacuum valve is applicable in providing isolation for the turbine condensation system and negative pressure system of power plant, chemical factory, and paper mill, etc.
    1. Flanged Gate ValveFlanged gate valve is used with water, steam, oil, and other medium. It is manufactured basing on the connection standards of JB/T 79-94. The valve is manually operated, featuring stable performance and high safety. The nominal pressure of our flanged valve ranges from 1.6MPa to 2.5MPa.