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Power Station Gate Valve

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 Power Station Gate Valve

Power station gate valve provided in KIST is available in 2 types: ANSI B16.34, JIS E101 and GB standard. It is generally accepted in the water pipeline, steam pipeline, and oil pipeline of thermal power plant, oil plant, chemical plant and other high-temperature high-pressure applications.

Considering the high-temperature and high-pressure environment of power station pipeline, this kind of gate valve is designed with self-tightening structure. Its seal ring is available in 2 materials: low-carbon steel and flexible graphite 316. The sealing layer is welded with cobalt-based hard alloy, the pure metal layer of which is thicker than 3mm, endowing the valve with great performance of abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. The 2 ends of the valve are welded according to the bevel standards or clients' requirements.

In addition to standard valve products, KIST also offers customization service according to clients' actual needs.

Salient Features
1. Self-tightening connection structure of the middle part
2. The gate valve is available in wedge resilient single-seat type and wedge double-seat type
3. The valve seat is welded with cobalt-based hard alloy with double-sided surfacing technique
4. Creep design for high-temperature resistance
5. The stem of the valve is made from precipitation hardened stainless steel
6. Transmission manner is varied in manual, electrical, and gear (bevel gear and spur gear)

Materials for Option
Valve body: A217-WC1, A217-WC9, A217-WC6, A216 WCB
Seat: 25 15CrMoA, 12CrMoVA
Valve plate: A217-WC6, A217-WC9, A216 WCB, A217-WC1
Stem: 20Cr1Mo1V1A, SUH600, 1Cr17Ni2
Bonnet: WC1, carbon spring steel, WC6, 15CrMoA, 12CrMoVA, WC9
Filler: reinforced flexible graphite
Bracket: WC1, WC9, WC6, WCB
Seal ring: S mild steel, F mild steel
Stem nut: ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 45

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